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Steps To Perform Easy Email Backup

Steps To Perform Easy Email Backup

Archiving emails is a better solution when information is lost in the PST file folder. It is common today to know that everyone relies on email as a source of communication. Microsoft Outlook not only contains messages but also keeps track of some important entries such as minutes, meeting requests, notes, RSS feeds, tasks, task requests, attachments, including documents and pictures, as well as properties such as subject, to, from, cc, bcc, date, etc.

All this information is stored in a separate "PST File" folder, which is specifically used for storing these records. However what if the personal storage file is damaged due to the exceeded storage capacity, it will occur because the limit set in Microsoft Outlook is 2 GB. 

To overcome this problem there is a solution. If you compress a PST file in the process, there is a risk that it will become corrupted. Sealing in another way called email backup services via that allows users to back up PST files, which saves disk space and fixes the 2GB limit issue.

Email Backup Vs. Email Archiving: What's the Difference

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There are other circumstances in the loss of these files such as accidental deletion. It happens when users accidentally delete the PST file and then empty the Recycle Bin to save space, or when they think it will slow down the system. 

Sometimes partition damage or redistribution can also result in data loss, which can result in the loss of personal storage folders, formatting, or reformatting of certain devices that contain personal storage folders. Other reasons for loss or deletion of PST files include virus attacks, unexpected system shutdowns, or software failures.

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